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I. Master test bank—old style questions. Over 400 questions included, counting the chapter review questions. Master bank is in both Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF file versions. For each chapter, done in an open-ended style, meaning that the student is expected to fill in the blank with (for example) the label and explanation of each fallacy. Most of the books problems are of this sort.
II. Master test bank—multiple choice edition. Same questions, with four multiple choice answers and answer key, for automated testing. Master bank is again in both Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF versions. All questions (including come with FOUR multiple choice answers. This insures that all tests can be machine scored.
III. Complimentary usage of MicroTest Pro, popular test generation software. Chariot Software (formerly based in San Diego, CA.), for many years sold MicroTest Pro, a program that allowed any instructor to randomly generate tests from underlying test banks. My sincerest thank go to Sandra Madden, copyright holder, for allowing us to offer the software for use with the attached test banks.
IV. MicroTest III instruction manual (in PDF format). A detailed instruction manual for the test generation software.