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Generic Rubric for All Tutorials and Quizzes:

  • Students may take any of the quizzes or tutorials they wish. But if they wish to get course credit, they will have to get the course name and password from their instructors. Your instructor will be notified when you’ve completed an assignment.
  • The general idea is for a student to take any tutorial repeatedly until he/she feels comfortable, and then to take the associated quiz.
Type of Student Resource Description
Illustration schools: Collections of examples of advertisements containing fallacies selected from ordinary internet advertising.
Tutorials: Any student make work any tutorial as many times as he/she desires, but upon the first time the tutorial is taken, a total point count of two times the number of problems in the tutorial will be recorded. This is irrespective of the number of correct answers the student gets; that is, you won’t lose points for wrong answers.
Quizzes: The student can only take a quiz one time. The points recorded will be four times the number of correct answers, i.e., four times the number of questions times the percentage score on the quiz..
Video pods: Small “families” of video lectures allow the students to hear additional material on topics covered in class.